Nisan 27, 2016 0 tanecik yorum

hello blogger my old friend.

It passed more than two years, and now, today, (actually tonight); I’m finally writing again! It is a different feeling of starting to write again: fresh new chapter of my life. Ageing, getting older, surprisingly, I love the way of passing of the time. It is kind of fluent circle of self-discovery. Lately, I’m thinking about my childhood; how innocent the things were, how beautiful and soft. Now, the child, who always speaks in my head, starts to realize that the things are not all the time full of happiness like it is told. It was a painful process to admit it, however, one part of mine still a child who tries to survive. The other part of mine accepts the reality and hardship of the world surrounding us. The time I spent for thinking and questioning life and the things that matter was increasing day by day. Sooo, I understood two things really matters and gives satisfaction to our lives: “Passion” and “inspiration”. Everybody needs some challenge, something to discover, something to hold on in life. If we are purely clear about everything; every idea of us, every perspective of us, how can we have the power of criticism and change which are essential for being human I believe. An inspiration which leads us to another thinking, a way of seeing, is painful and full of passion at the same time because the process of questioning also means the process of the possibility of a change. Therefore, a change can lead us to too much “otherness” which is risky for the position of accustomedness. We generally don’t want to leave our comfort zones. On the other hand, the possibility of a change would not be that bad for some people, for them: it is a chance to discover themselves through inspirations in their lives. It is full of danger, but still you must give it a try if you are one these people who cannot stop feeling passion about the things that give them a true inspiration to live. You know not everybody is living in life, most of them are just breathing without living.

That’s it for tonight. By the way, If you didn't see it yet, I really recommend "Lost in Translation" which is one of the movies meant to be seen in the night. I have lots of work to do but I could not resist the need of writing. I will see you more often than before. Enjoy the calm of the night.